The key to learning is fun

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The Piano Key Puzzle is the only educational tool that teaches these fundamental elements in this simple, kinesthetic, fun way.


One of the first elements that one needs to notice about the piano is the pattern of black keys, in groups of two and three. Those groups guide the student to find the white keys.

The next element to observe — that often throws students for a loop — is that note C is the “beginning” of the musical alphabet, not A.

The last element is the letters used, just the first seven letters of the alphabet. So where do you go after note G? Back to A.

The Piano Key Puzzle allows students to notice these elements at their own pace. A parent or teacher can guide a student to notice these elements and work together until the student can complete it unassisted.

Teachers can use The Piano Key Puzzle in group or private lessons. To take it a step further, the teacher can ask the students to demonstrate a hand position, pull out the keys to a chord, or tap the fingering of a new passage of music.


Made of a durable plastic and hand-crafted, The Piano Key Puzzle is made to last. Designed and crafted in a collaborative efforts of Erica Calvert of Airshine Music School, Liz Brown of Monkey Cat Studio and Gilbert Ruiz of &D Creative. Made and manufactured in San Diego, CA.

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